Zine // Løkka-lykke zine #1 - DOXA

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  • Zine // Løkka-lykke zine #1 - DOXA
  • Zine // Løkka-lykke zine #1 - DOXA
  • Zine // Løkka-lykke zine #1 - DOXA

Løkka-Lykke zine #1 - DOXA


68 page duplex color print on 170/120 gsm matt paper
w/ 4 page gloss middle spread + numbered sleeve

Edition of 100

Dimensions: 20cm x 27.5cm

Price: 250NOK


The contents of this zine recounts a six-month process that began deep in lockdown and ended during the Dog Days of summer 2021.

The photos within it were taken during the planning and production of Løkka-Lykke gatekunstfest. Together they form an unintentional record of how we in Street Art Oslo set about establishing the city's first annual street art festival, and the values that inform our work.

It is an intimate and affectionate portrait of the place we call home and those with whom we share it. It is about the writing on the walls and the spaces between them; about the things you don't see but are there, all around you.


ISBN 978-82-692815-0-7
Kunst i Mellomrom Forlag



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