Zine // Fatty Morganas Fancy Soda Zine

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  • Zine // Fatty Morganas Fancy Soda Zine

Fatty Morganas Fancy Soda


52 page color print on 130 gsm gloss paper
Dimensions: 19.4cm x 28.2cm
Edition of 50


Fancy Soda is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between artist Øivin Horvei and ad-busting collective Subvertising Norway, which takes place in the form of a city-wide ad takeover, limited-edition zine and NFT release bringing Horvei’s visual world of ‘Consurrealism’ to life across physical, print and digital platforms.

Øivin Horvei (b. 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist who creates wall paintings, mixed media works on paper and canvas, photos, videos, installations, sculptures and publications.

Subvertising Norway is a not-for-profit collective of artists, activists, designers, educators and citizens dedicated to questioning who has the power and authority to communicate and create meaning in public space through acts of creative subversion and art-based activism.


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