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Xenz // The Secret Garden

  • Xenz // The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden - Xenz (UK)

Hand-finished giclee print on archival-quality Hahnemühle Hemp 290gsm paper
Dimensions: 50cm x 44cm
Edition of 10

Hand-signed and numbered by the artist


Xenz (Graeme Brusby, b. 1974) is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and has worked as an artist for over 20 years.

He started painting graffiti at just 14-years-old, inside the derelict warehouses of Hull, England. Gradually, he has developed a completely distinctive and experimental style, where he uses spray cans to paint landscapes inhabited by birds and butterflies.

Xenz has lived in Bristol where he painted alongside members of the renowned graffiti crew TCF, as well as artists such as Banksy and Inkie.

He has also participated in exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Miami, New York, Basel, Ibiza, New Delhi and Sydney. He currently lives and works in Rome.


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